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You would want to be certain that everything in your house is all spic and span, and this would include your priced area rug. Rugs have the tendency to hold on to any forms of dirt – dust, animal hairs, moist, debris, etc. If left unattended, they could accumulate so much dirt giving your family the risk of getting sick.

That is why it is imperative to conduct regular area rug cleaning to maintain proper hygiene while at the same time enjoying a clean and nice smelling home. 

You need not hire a professional cleaner to do the task as you can do it perfectly fine and easy yourself. You just need to take heed of some these simple tips to make your chore a truly productive, and even cost-effective, one.

Firstly, making use of natural products and solutions to clean this type of rug is recommended when getting rid of any unwanted grime and debris. It is even possible not to use any liquid solution by simply shaking off the rug and whipping it right outside your deck.

  Also, it is wise to leave the rug hanging or suspended over the side railing of your house for some time to allow the unwanted particles to naturally fall off rather than bringing them immediately inside the house.

You can also steam clean your rug with soapy water and drying it dry under the sun. This is quite effective in loosening dusts and other minute debris that lay within it.

On extreme cases, where the above hints don’t seem to satisfy you, you can always seek a professional to take care of your area rug cleaning.


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Imagine of yourself going from work today, tired and completely exhausted after arguing with your boss, and simply wanting to crash right into your living room and lounge in your big caramel-colored sofa, after all it’s you who is the boss here, right? But after five minutes you’ve noticed the remains of milk that spilled out before you’ve gone to work. Not a nice view, is it? 

Upholstered furniture at home usually ranges from couches, sofas, love seats and beds.

People are spending a good amount of fortune to have their own to display or to just relax after a long day. But keeping it in good condition may take some of your precious time. 

For starters, tip to keep it in top shape is to vacuum more often. After all, who doesn’t own a vacuum cleaner at 21st century?

Dust settled on upholstered furniture could be taken care of by regular vacuuming. But what of the drink spills? And what of the smell of your pets sticking at your favorite chair? These could contribute to fasten the early retirement of your loved furniture. 

To bring back the color and brand new look of your upholstered furniture, pick upholstery cleaner that were formulated for the type of material of your furniture.

There are different types of fabric used for upholstered furniture that’s why it’s good to always know what type yours is made of so as not to cause discoloration or shrinkage to fabric. It would be best to pick a familiar brand that has been tried and tested in the market, and thoroughly follow instructions on the product.


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