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     Today there are a wide range of carpets and area rugs sold.
Many would go for cheaper choices of standard carpets, made of synthetic materials. Some people choose standard carpeting because they think it being more durable than natural materials. That is not the case.
     Before buying your next standard wall-to-wall carpeting, consider a natural alternative for a better indoor environment.

     Natural area rugs and carpets are made of fibers from naturally renewable plants, or wool.  Environmentally friendly as well as to your health. They are biodegradable and naturally stain resistant. Natural area rugs and carpets can even purify your home’s air by trapping hazardous contaminants from the air.

     Most natural rugs and carpets are produced without using toxic chemicals.

     Let your next carpet or area rug be a natural one.

     Be sure to ask your Professional Carpet Care Specialist for “Carpet Shield” carpet and fabric protector.

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