Buyers Guide Vacuum Cleaners (part 3 of 3)


Canister vacuums Canister vacuum cleaners normally include retractable cords.  Considering the fact that most cords are around 25 foot in length, this feature will prevent you from having to drag the cord around and  possibly damage furniture.  A push of a button or a slight tug on the cord will retract it into the canister of the vacuum.

 The nozzle can be one of two types, nozzle or  power nozzle.  To get your carpet as clean as  possible, it is recommended that you use the power nozzle, which will agitate the carpet and loosen  up the dirt for deeper cleaning. 

 Another feature worth looking for is a suction control switch, as this allows you to adjust the flow of air for cleaning delicate material such as upholstery and drapery. 

 When choosing your vacuum cleaner, you should always choose the one you like best.  The best vacuum for the job is the one you should choose, as things will work out much better that way.

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