Caring for your Area Rug in Lincoln


Regular vacuuming: The most important thing to look after your rug is to vacuum regularly, it helps to remove dirt, grit & grime that can wear out your rug prematurely.

Note: Please DO NOT vacuum the fringe of your rug, use a small hand vacuum to do this if necessary.

Brush out pet fur: Vacuuming may sometimes leave few pet fur and dander behind, we recommend using  a semi-stiff brush to remove the fur, while brushing in the direction of the nap of the rug.

Rotate your rug: It’s always a good idea to rotate your rug two or three times a year for even wear, as foot traffic and sun can put stress on area rugs.

Shake your rug: If the rug is small enough, you can take it outside and give it a nice shake to remove dirt and small particles that may be embedded in your rug.

Professional Rug Care: Call your Professional Carpet Care Specialist in Lincoln annually for a thorough cleaning of your rugs.

Be sure to ask your Professional Carpet Care Specialist for “Carpet Shield” carpet and fabric protector.

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