Carpets as a “Filter”


    Lets take some time to look at this. Just what does a filter do? It’s takes out unwanted particles in our air and our water, to make our lives better. That’s basically what it does in a nutshell.

    There are filters in our heating and air conditioning systems, which should be cleaned or replaced regularly.  Do not forget to clean the louvered door that your filter is sitting in also, in whatever manner you choose to do this. There’s usually a filter above our stove. There are filters in our bathrooms usually in the ceiling. There are also portable air filters we may have in addition to the other filters.

    Now lets look at our “largest filter.”

    Your carpets! Yes your carpets. Even if you vacuum daily, you will have dust particles filtering through your carpet fibers. Just how does this happen? Lets begin with our furniture, especially dark colored furniture. You dust and vacuum one day, the next day the dust is back on your furniture. Where did this dust come from? 

     Dust particles are all around us all the time. It is because of air movement, change in barometric pressures,  movement from one atmosphere to another, though very minute in size may cause challenges in the future. 

      You will begin to see dark areas under doors that are closed most of the time. The outside edge of your rooms. The edges on your staircase. Under closet doors. Yes this is air movement filtering dust particles deep into your carpets. 

     Fear not, there is a solution. The best solution is to get your carpets cleaned regularly as per recommended by the manufacture. The next bext solution is to call your Hometown Professional Carpet Cleaner, and ask the questions about soil filtration; so they can give you the best solution. Just as a side note: This soil filtration process is going on 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no vacations since the carpets have been installed from the very first day. Even though there are solutions, they may not always work. We see this in rental homes and apartments where the carpets may have been neglected. But your Hometown Professional Carpet Cleaner will give you his very best to get the dust and grime out of your carpets!  

   Be sure to ask your Professional Carpet Care Specialist for “Carpet Shield” carpet protector.   

     By: Wayne

(916) 226-5466

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