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 In the past and even today, carpet is very popular  with home owners all across the U.S. and in Roseville, Ca.  Carpet is the most practical, fashionable, and versatile  choice of flooring out there, as it also accounts for more than half of all flooring purchases that are made each and every year.  The fact is, carpet has outsold every other type of flooring for more  than 60 years.

 Carpet offers you several advantages that other flooring options can’t compete with.  Below, you will find many of the features that carpet will add to your home.

 Warmth Carpet is the best choice you can make for your bedroom, family room, and other areas where you  need warmth underfoot.

 Insulation Both carpet and carpet padding will provide an extra layer of much needed insulation between the  floors of your home.  Depending on the density and weight of the carpet, it contributes to the R-value of your home, which adds to the energy efficiency as well.

 Safety Carpet offers a slip resistant surface that will prevent accidents along with a natural cushion in the event of someone falling.  For young children and the elderly, this is very important.

 Reduction in sound Carpet will also reduce noise better than any other type of flooring.  Carpet works to dampen noise in three ways: 

1.  Reduces surface noise from foot traffic.  

2.  Absorbs airborne sound.  

3.  Blocks transmission of sound  These qualities are valuable in apartments as well as semi-detached homes.

Be sure to ask your Professional Carpet Care Specialist for (Carpet Shield) carpet and fabric protector.   

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