Pets and upholstery


   Your pets and upholstery can sometimes be challenging. After all,  our upholstered furniture is made to sit on. Your pets see you there, so they must be included. This may include fur, dander, and oils, are just a few of the challenges that are encountered when pets sit or lay on your upholstered furniture. Brushing and vacuuming constantly is a sure way to limit the amount of fur that accumulates on your furniture. Another way to clean is a small amount of baking soda in a spray bottle, possibly a small scrub brush and a soft damp towel. Odors may also accumulate in the fabric, when this happens you may want to break down and call your Hometown Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Specialist. They will be able to help you combat all these challenges. Be sure to give them a call today.  

    Be sure to ask your Professional Carpet Care Specialist for “Carpet Shield” carpet and fabric protector.

By: WAYNE!!! 

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