Top Carpet Stain Removal Tips


Here are a few carpet stain removal tips

 for our Roseville Ca readers.  Specialized carpet cleaners say that carpet spots can be removed and stains are permanent. Nevertheless, unsightly appearance of carpet stains can be enhanced whether or not the stain can be completely removed.

Soak or blot up liquid stains, don’t rub or wipe them in. Simply make use of a vivid white cotton cloth or an ordinary white paper napkin. Once you have cleaned the liquid, rinse off the affected spot with water and blot once more until it’s dry. If necessary, repeat the process but never scrub, or you might possibly spoil the carpet and allow the stain to stick permanently.

With semi-solids, such as jellies, peanut butter, and the like, scrape and pick them up carefully with the use of a spoon. Rinse the residual spill and soak up until dry.

With dry solids, make use of the vacuum and rinse with water and left to dry.

You can use carpet stain removal solutions, but you can always use water before resorting to these.

When using a cleaning solution, apply it to a cotton cloth then clean it from the outside towards the center of the stain to ensure that you don’t stretch the spot. In essence, all you need to do is this simple process: apply stain remover, blot, rinse out, extract, and do it again until you get the desired result. Constantly extract solutions and dry up the carpet when you are finished. 

Perhaps the best way to clean up carpet stains is to act promptly. The longer you ignore the stains, the more difficult it becomes to remove them.

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