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Have you ever thought about the conditions your carpet is subjected to here in Roseville, Ca? Your carpet acts like a sump. It collects every spilled material, airborne contaminant and tracked soiling that enters your home. Your carpet is designed to hide soiling. By the time a carpet “looks” dirty, it can have a great deal of contamination collected in it.

 Quite simply, if your carpet acts like a sump, then it filters and collects sources of soil, bacteria and pollutants from the indoor environment. These contaminants are part of what makes your carpet soiled. This collection and filtering process allows carpet to trap contaminants within the carpet. However, hard surface floors may allow these contaminants to continue to “roam” throughout the indoor environment. So, like any filter, your carpet needs to be periodically cleaned.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned regularly will not only vastly improve the appearance of the carpet and provide cleaner indoor air, but because soil in the carpet is what wears it out, regular cleaning will also extend the life of your carpet and protect your investment in Roseville, Ca.


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