Cleaning Area Rugs in Roseville, Ca.


Everybody has a weakness, mine is a long term commitment area rugs and endless cleaning routines to keep them fresh and pretty.

I simply can’t walk past a carpet shop without peeking in and dreaming how each would look in every room of my home. Some women have a shoe thing, my thing is carpets.

Because of my affinity for area rugs, I’ve built up a rather wonderful knowledge base on how to keep them spotless. Of course, keeping your woolen or synthetic rugs clean depends largely on what type of rugs you have at home.

Here’s an important cleaning tip – all rugs are not made equal. Certain area rugs require specialist treatment like Persian, Kelim, or Oriental. 

If your home’s anything like mine – Sand, dirt and bits of the great outdoors make their way inside on the shoes of my friends and family members in Roseville, Ca.

When accidents happen as they do, the best course of action is to clean your rug immediately, using the right agents to make sure color-fastness isn’t compromised. Most manufacturers have made their rugs stain-resistant, which gives you a head start.

Always do a thorough vacuum first before you attempt the washing routine and make sure all other areas of your home are clean too!


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