How To Remove Barbecue Stains in Roseville, Ca.


The barbecue stain that has hit your carpeting, now what do you do to get rid of it?

With the summer months here in Roseville, Ca. more and more people will be grilling out. With the fun of summer comes the destruction of stain, though! There will be parties, fun times, and lots of wonderful foods. But, what should you do when you find that the foods you love are causing stains? There are more than a few accidents that are likely to happen. The good news is that you can easily find the solution for your needs here.

Speed Is Key!

As with most other types of stains, being quick to clean them up is the best thing for the stain. That does not mean it can not come off otherwise, but your chances of full stain removal are better when you work on the stain quickly.

What About My Carpet?

What should you do if your carpet ends up with a barbecue stain? This can be quite troublesome as it is very difficult to clean stains effectively on carpeting without immediate attention. The good news is that you can usually get the barbecue out without to much work if you work fast.

Steps To Take

You need to move quickly to tackle the stain effectively. Remove as much as possible with a spoon. Use a clean, dry terry cloth to blot the stain to remove as much as possible. Do not rub it. Blot on baking soda and water to the area. Follow this with a clean, dry terry cloth blotted to remove more of the stain. Repeat as necessary.

Because barbecue sauce can also be oily, you want to consider placing baking soda on the stain once it is fully removed This will absorb the oils that may still be in the carpet. Allow to sit for a while. Then, vacuum it up.


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