Vacuuming Tips in Roseville, Ca.


Most carpet manufacturers suggest vacuuming several times a week! Here in the real world, you can knock that down to once a week. Here are some vacuuming tips:

  • Get the most powerful vacuum cleaner you can afford in Roseville, Ca.
  • Don’t vacuum in the same pattern every time. You’ll pick up more dirt if you vacuum both horizontally AND vertically
  • Use attachments to get the corners of the room and under the furniture, especially if there are people with allergies in your home
  • Move the furniture at least once every six months and vacuum thoroughly underneath it
  • Don’t wait until vacuum bags or containers are full. Empty them when they are only two-thirds full

Even if you vacuum weekly in Roseville, Ca. you’re only picking up 75% of the dirt on your carpet. Depending on the traffic on your carpet, every 6 to 18 months, you should call in the professionals.



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