Water damaged carpets in Roseville, Ca.




  • Turn off the water or the water main. 
  • (usually found under a cement plate at the front of your property, or a secondary valve.
  • If it’s a fairly large flood, call your professional carpet cleane
  • If it’s safe to do so, unplug any electrical appliances in the immediate area.
  • Don’t try and lift the carpet or mop up the water yourself, you may just be 
    pushing the water out over a larger area.
  • A wet-vac may be used to remove some of the water if you have one. ( Only a temporary fix)

Even relatively small floods are usually an insurance matter, they quite often are worse than they look as they tend to spread out and soak to a larger area.


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August 13, 2013

Amy Everpean @ 2:24 pm #

Would my insurance, http://www.png-insurance.com/ cover water damaged carpet?

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