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With the creation of the carpet, the invention of the carpet cleaning machine wasn’t far away.  The very first hand held carpet cleaner was designed and tested in Chicago in 1860, while the first power operated vacuum cleaner was invented in the 1900’s  by Cecil Booth.


Around the same time Cecil Booth finished his invention, a man by the name of James Spangler came up with his own invention – a vacuum cleaner that he later sold to his cousin Hoover.  As everyone knows, Hoover has since became one of the most dominant names in the world of vacuum cleaners and is certainly one of the most popular household names in the world.


For many housewives in Rocklin CA, the vacuum cleaner was deemed a blessing, as it helped to keep the house clean in a fraction of the time.  From the beginning, vacuum cleaners were only able to suck up dust and dirt, although with modern technology these days, inventors are able to design wet cleaners that can steam carpets and kill germs at the same time.


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