A Guide to Carpet & Upholstery Stain Removal


To many people and households, the removal of carpet and upholstery stains is usually a daunting task. Common stains can range from coffee, ink, grass, soil and wine stains. Fortunately, help is at hand and advice on how to deal with tricky and stubborn upholstery and carpet stains. There are numerous ways that can be used to remove stains, however by following some of our helpful hints highlighted below will provide you with a greater chance of stain removal success.

What kind of stain are you dealing with?

Before embarking on stain removal from any carpet fibre or upholstery fabric, it is important firstly to identify what kind of fabric or carpet stain you are attempting to remove. You need to use the correct stain removal solution; otherwise this may result in limited success and an ineffective stain removal process.

Accidents are bound to happen!

It’s happened to us all, even if you take all the necessary precautions. Accidents will always happen, drink spills on your carpets and upholstery can often look unsightly. It often results in a mad dash to the cupboard to find a towel to mop up and prevent the stain from spreading.

Unfortunately Carpet Stains Don’t Vanish

We would like them too, however there are some helpful hints that you should consider for spot and stain removal.

Are you dealing with water or oil based stains. There are different carpets and upholstery stain removal treatments to treat both water based and oil based stains, therefore it is paramount to identify your stain before you do anything else.

Deal with the stain instantly, you have a greater chance of a positive result if you do so.

Excess spots and carpet stains can be removed by brushing, scraping or blotting. It is essential that you never rub stains as this could cause the stain to spread throughout your carpet fibres and upholstery’s fabrics.

To prevent any carpet stain or upholstery stain spreading never start in the middle of the stain, start work from the edge working inwards.

Always test the stain removal product in a small area to begin with.

Time to call in the Professionals?

You have got down on your hands and knees and tried everything, but all your attempts haven’t produced the result you had hoped. That stubborn carpet stain or upholstery stain is proving hard to shift, and then perhaps it would be advisable to appoint a professional Carpet Cleaning company, who specializes in the removal of carpet stains or stains in your upholstery.

The Best Solution is the Winner

The bottom line in carpet & fabric stain removal is to find the best solution that suits you so that the stain is removed in the quickest and most effective way possible.

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