Haitian Cotton Upholstery


Haitian cotton is a fabric with its own cleaning process. Haitian cotton is an upholstery fabric made from 100% cotton, grown in Haiti or India. The fibers are not thoroughly processed, leaving bits of cotton seeds stems and other plant components in the yarn. Theses specks of brown give the fabric its natural and rustic appearance. The yarns are thick, coarse and usually white, cream, or tan in color. Occasionally, they are dyed with colors such as red or blue or may be two toned. Haitian cotton fabrics are very susceptible to browning. In fact the spillage of plain tap water is enough to produce a brown discoloration. They cannot be dry cleaned because of the latex backing used, which dissolves under dry cleaning solvents. Since it cannot be wet or dry cleaned, a process was specifically designed to clean this fabric. It is very effective and completely safe. Ask your local Professional Upholstery Cleaner for a quote on your Haitian cotton cleaning today.

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