How Carpet Is Made (part 2 of 3)


Tufting machines can also be utilized as well, as they use computers to determine the patterns, styles, construction, and density.  No longer does someone have to do everything by hand or mentally, as the tufting machines will take all of the guesswork out and make things easy on the operator.

 Once the fibers have been locked into place, the carpet is dyed using a variety of methods that  will create patterns or effects.  For cut pile carpets, the final stage is stretched,  cutting the pile loops.  This is an important stage, as it will determine the softness and feel of the carpet.

 The carpet will also receive a secondary stretch backing as well to give it stability and allow it to be stretched during the installation  process.  Most of the carpets of this day and  age will receive stain protection as well, which happens during the manufacturing phase.

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