Kitchen Carpet Spill (part 1 of 2)


A spill on the kitchen carpet can be anything from a child’s cup falling off the table to muddy footprints around the room.  Properly dealing with the kitchen spill is what seperates the professionals from everyone else.

 With a little bit of common knowledge, many of the  spills that occur can be cleaned up and corrected fast and easily.  Knowing how to react to spills in the  kitchen are what makes things easier than ever.

 The first thing to do, is use a bit of common sense. Its important for you to take very quick action and be smart about the first steps you take in cleaning up your kitchen carpet spill.  To put it in other terms – don’t let the spill sit.

The longer the spill or product sits on your carpet, the deeper in it will go.  A larger spill that has time to seep into the carpet and into the padding  and reaches the floor boards is one type of spill  that will need extensive cleaning.  Therefore, you’ll need to move quickly and effectively. Roseville, Ca.


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