Low Water Upholstery Cleaning


Many companies clean carpets, few specialize in upholstery cleaning. While the principles of removing soil remain the same, the approach and chemistry is vastly different.

Improper chemistry in carpet cleaning may be not be immediately apparent, while the same problem in upholstery cleaning can alter the feel of the fabric and even change its color. While carpet is made of only a few different types of fibers, upholstery fabric can be woven into literally thousands of different combinations. Therefore, the importance of experience and training in proper upholstery cleaning can not be overemphasized.

Your local Professionals use a wide variety of methods and chemistry to clean your upholstered furniture. Most fabrics, like most of our clothes, can be cleaned with water. The wet-cleaning method is very effective at removing stains. In upholstery cleaning, however, very little water is used so as not to affect backing materials. Moisture is only misted on to the upholstery fabric, then immediately extracted.

Some upholstery fabrics, such as Haitian cotton, respond better to lower amounts of moisture . For these fabric types we use a cleaning formula made specifically for this. Other fabrics, silk in particular are best cleaned, using dryer upholstery cleaning methods. All upholstery services can be performed right in your home.

Ask your local Professional Upholstery Cleaner for a quote on  cleaning your fine upholstery today.

Also be sure to ask your Professional Carpet Care Specialist for “Carpet Shield” carpet and fabric protector.

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