Pre-Holiday Carpet Cleaning in Roseville


The countdown has begunMany clients have responded to reminders about calling early for pre-holiday carpet cleaning in Roseville, but if you are one of those people who procrastinates until the last minute, and still needs to grab an appointment waiting much longer can be…Stressful.

At the eleventh hour here comes the desperate phone call from a dear client who has let “clean the carpets before the holiday guests arrive ” slip to the bottom of their “to-do list.” Unfortunately, when they call I’m usually already booked solid. That’s when the begging and pleading begins. If only they would have called me sooner, by the time their holiday guests and parties arrived their carpet would have looked…Brand Spanking New!

Please don’t let this be you this year. Don’t worry, at this point, you can still have clean carpets before your guests arrive. Your carpet can still be transformed into fluffy, clean carpets. You can still have all your spots and spills removed. (The ones that have been bugging you since last Christmas.) Because…We can still fit you in.

So Call Today!

Be sure to ask your Professional Carpet Care Specialist for “Carpet Shield” carpet and fabric protector.

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